Somaliland: Mr President, Somaliland Must Keep abreast with ongoing Changes in the Horn of Africa


The Horn of Africa is undergoing a fast paced change as pertains inter-Nations security, Economic, Diplomatic  and political cooperation.

The birthstone of these revamp in a new look Horn of Africa is spearheaded by recently inaugurated Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed.

Changes effected by the youthful PM in Ethiopia are now spreading to the rest of the region for the country that borders seven Countries.

Of not is the cessation of 20 years of brutal hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea that has seen the two former nemesis reestablish full fledged diplomatic and political relations.

Similarly the Ethiopian head has also turned his country’s eyes to Somalia where despite years of involvement relations have remained Lackluster. Now things are moving forward as pertains strengthening relations.

The PM Abiy fronted move has also translated to others following suit more so the reconciliation between Djibouti and Eritrea.

This developments have a very tangible effect on the status of relations within the Horn Africa region and subsequent political, economic, diplomatic and security cooperation.

In the meantime the Somaliland administration headed by President Muse Behi Abdi seems to be uninterested in the ongoings though of very import to this country.

Mr President though difference of opinion might prevail as per what effect ongoing events within the Horn Africa region led by Ethiopia PM might have on Somaliland, it is unanimous and remains indisputable that impactful they shall be.

President Behi your very own foreign policy chief Dr Saad Ali Shire believes that “any changes Good or bad taking place in the Horn of Africa region impacts on Somaliland”

The foreignness minister who was stated the above during an interview with Geeska Afrika newspaper in Hargeisa  added that  “since the changes are inevitable we pray that they be positive to Somaliland” more so as pertains economic and political cooperation as well ensuring sustainable security fronted by peaceful reconciliation among neighbouring Nations.

On his part the leader of Wadani Somaliland’s main Opposition political party Abdirahman Irro a diplomat turned politician, “it is very important for Somaliland to keep not only  abreast but actively engage in ongoing changes in the region driven by Ethiopia since impact at home is.a forgone conclusion.

Another son of Somaliland and foreign expat Dr Mohamed Saeed Gees is unequivocally sure that Somaliland can not afford to act as a self sustaining island in the Horn region.

In a recent paper the former Dr Gees who served the administration’s of presidents Egal and Rayale as minister Said, “by the end of 2018 changes taking place in the Horn of Africa shall be felt, considering that they have been imitated by Ethiopia which is the biggest , most populous, and economically mid giant in the Horn region where it borders seven countries.

Adding that “these changes shall have impact on all its neighbours which includes Somaliland”.

“If Ethiopia sneezes neighbouring countries are affected” Said Dr Gees adding that unless Somaliland wants to remain in the doldrums it should join the Dr Abiy Ahmed changes bandwagon.

the ascension of Abiy Ahmed to the premiership of Ethiopia  the beginning of this year  and shall have impact


President Muse Behi since it is obvious that Somaliland shall be affected be it  positively or negatively by ongoing events in the Horn region and considering the constraints already prevalent at home

We herby urge the   Somaliland head of state to initiate massive changes in his administration’s approach to foreign policy more as pertains the Horn of Africa.

Since Somaliland is not an Island  and considering the prominence nemesis Somalia is gaining regional not to mention internationally it is imperative that President Behi initiate steps towards securing an apt foreign policy strategy that places his country initially at the forefront in the Horn region.

In pursuit of this move the head of state should hold consultations with his citizens who are experts on foreign affairs specifically those who have served this country in the capacity of foreign affairs ministers.

Including his current foreign policy chief, President Behi should constitute a committee that includes

  1. Abdirahman Garad Jama
  2. Dr. Mohamed Saeed Gas
  3. Dr Edna Adan Ismail
  4. Dr Abdilahi Mohamed
  5. Dr Mohamed ABDILAHI Omar and
  6. DR mohamed Behi Younis

All the above daughter and sons of Somaliland have served the country as foreign affairs minister and though they are not currently in office they expertise is imperative not to mention that some of them are in positions elsewhere of import.

Similarly the demonstration of President Behi should also reestablish contacts with a large number of foreigners who used to be actively engaged in the campaign for the recognition of Somaliland.

Most of these foreign friends of Somaliland especially from African countries were very useful during the administration of President Rayale but were discarded by the immediate past president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo.

The large pool of prominent Somalilanders in the Diaspora is another tangible destination that cannot be ignored in this revealed quest for a new and effectual foregoing Policy strategy.

Mr President Muse Behi Abdi Somaliland is not an Island thence imperative s of taking strides with the changing times.



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