Somaliland Ministers In Nairobi To Learn From ICPD Conference



A team of Somaliland ministers arrived in Nairobi to attend the forthcoming International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) after 25 years otherwise named ICPD+25.

Somaliland is seeking to learn from the forum as it works towards improving services to its growing youth populace seeking quality education and jobs in the country that is still fighting for international recognition.

The team from Somaliland included finance minister Dr Saad Ali Shire and Eng. Hussein Ibrahim who is the vice Minister for Planning.

The duo alongside Somaliland deputy envoy to Kenya Hussein Ibrahim, Sharmake Gelle attended the pre-conference on Tuesday.

“We are here to learn from how other countries are managing their affairs especially with regards to the education of the youth and especially girls and job creation,” Minister Saad said.

“We {Somaliland} have a large population of the youth who are ready to enter the job market and we need to create these opportunities.

“We also have young children in schools and we need to improve their capacity at that level so that they can compete in the job market not only in Somaliland but also abroad,” he added.

The pre-conference was attended by ministers, parliamentarians, thought-leaders, technical experts, civil society organizations, grassroots organizations, young people, business and community leaders, faith-based organizations, indigenous peoples, international financial institutions, people with disabilities, academics and many others interested in the upcoming conference to be held in Nairobi in November 13-15.



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