Somaliland minister who is running two other ministries



The Finance minister is currently being delegated to take in charge of running the foreign affairs ministry on temporary basis. This is reported as the president has given Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire to be responsible for the ministry of foreign affairs. The current SL foreign minister, Mr. Yasin Faraton has been out of the country for private reasons.

The Finance minister of Somaliland is also responsible for the daily day operations of the ministry of planning and development. The minister of planning Mr. Abdikarim Haji Abdi Shibbin is in overseas seeking medical attention. As far as the role of ministers of the state are concerned, there are deputy ministers who have the sole duty to take in charge in order to discharge the national duties during the absence of the ministers.

The minister of foreign affairs Mr. Faraton speaking to Geeska Afrika, a local paper in Hargeisa while in overseas has confirmed that it is okay if the president has put Dr. Sa’ad to be in charge of running the foreign affairs ministry. The current finance minister, Mr. Sa’ad Ali Shire once served as the planning and foreign affairs minister during Silanyo’s presidency but once the current president was elected, he was shifted to the finance ministry.



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