Somaliland-Manager in charge of Hargeisa Water Agency conferred with UK delegation



HARGEISA– The Manager in charge of Hargeisa Water Agency yesterday received a delegation led by UK State minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin. The UK was one the nations that hugely contributed to the establishment of Hargeisa Water Supply in the 1940’s and is currently spearheading efforts to inject large amounts of money into the water expansion project. Hon. Mohamed Ali Darod, Hargeisa Water Agency briefed the media on closed door meeting once it was concluded. Mr. Ali said that there is an urgent need to establish six more wells in Geed-deeble so that it will increase Hargeisa water supply. The manager further added that a survey will be launched in regard to Botuchi were experts said that this is the only site that could provide abundant of water to the capital which experienced lack of water. The city which accommodates more than 1.2 million population in regard to Somaliland populace were faced with shortage of water as the city has expanded with the creation of new villages.


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