Somaliland: Gov’t on high alert in a bid to arrest officials implicated in crimes against humanity


Somaliland authority says that it won’t accept that officers from Somali regional state in Ethiopia who are implicated in crimes against humanity to seek amnesty in the country. The deputy minister for foreign affairs made the remarks during an inspection tour that he made to the Tog Wajale, a commercial town that links Somaliland to Ethiopia.

Hon. Liban Yusuf Osman said that only women and children have crossed into Somaliland and they deserve to be well treated. He revealed that SL authority does not so far recognize or identify officials in the Somali regional state who are accused of committing acts against humanity and who have made into Somaliland. It is announced by Somaliland that border patrol agents are on high alert following the collapse of regional authority in Somali state in Ethiopia. The ministers mission was to assess the situation in the town and to evaluate the refugees who are crossing into Somaliland. He also inspected the trade items that cross to and from Somaliland and Ethiopia. Jigjiga, the seat of Somali state in Ethiopia saw the unrest that hit most of its provinces according to reports.

Somaliland says that it has not apprehended officials from Jigjiga that have fled and made into SL and further stated that it has no sanctuary for criminals.



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