Somaliland: Fumigation and disinfection exercise begins at Hargeisa Public Hospital



The exercise that has commenced today at Hargeisa General Hospital was overseen by the assistant minister for health ministry, Dr. Mahdi Osman Buri, the Director General of the ministry of health, Dr. Hergeye and the presidential palace director general, Mohamed Ali Bile.

The disinfection exercise implemented by the Local Horn of Africa Youth Committee “Havayoco” organization.

Abdilahi Hassan, Havayoco director general announced that the exercise entails fumigation works and public health promotion.

Director General of the presidential Palace, Mohamed Ali Bile, stressed the importance of preventing the spread of Covid-19.

He emphasized preventing hospitals from becoming hot-spots for spreading the virus.

Dr. Mahi Osman, the deputy health minister, thanked Havayoco for the invaluable contribution to the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Somaliland has so far registered 6 cases of Covid-19 infections.

However, the government has taken strict measures to prevent from the virus spreading in the country.


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