Somaliland FM rebuts Ethiopian State television report allege Somaliland supported war.


Ethiopian conflict widens and Somaliland, which shares long border, is alleged in sideling their powerful ally’s.

BBC Focus on Africa asked Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr Essa, what did he makes in that allegation and the worsening situation that impacts in the region. 

“Ethiopia is our immediate and important neighbor. We have a long time friendship not only the gov’t of Ethiopia, but also a people to people relationship, that proceeds with our thirty years relationship.

The Ethiopian gov’t and people supported our liberation struggle, and hosted our people after being shelled & bombarded by the brutal Mogadishu dictator, late Siad Barre.”

So, is it why for you struggling nationhood and struggling to be recognized, that you now taking side of Abiy Ahmed?

“No..No..Let me correct that, so international community and anybody else to know. The Ethiopian problem should be solved by them.  As Somaliladers, we don’t have any interference in the internal political politics.

Can you confirm that you are or can you deny that you are not fighting on the side of Abiy Ahmed? As the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the Somaliland is supporting the Ethiopian gov’t?

“It’s absolutely untrue! We are not supporting anybody, our military and forces are not involved in that war.

So, who is spreading that misinformation?

“It might be Mogadisho that spreads such misinformation.

The Ethiopian State owned television, is the one reporting such information?

“Reiterate once more, We, Somaliland are not interfering the Ethiopian problem. We would like to be solved and parties involved to be resumed. Ethiopia is a very important country for us, like to be stable and peaceful. We did not and will not take side”


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