Somaliland: Elders announce the suspension of talks with Colonel Aare



The elders who were engaged as go between the gov of Somaliland and the former national army deserter announced on Sunday that the dialogue has been suspended.

This was announced by the elders in a press conference held in Hargeisa and were angry with comments from the Army Chief, Nuh Tani who remarked that the defected former national army Colonel Said Awil Jama a.k.a. “Aare” deserves to face the death penalty for the killings of innocent civilains and for stealing the army wages.

The elders have accused the army cheif that he has failed to pacify the eastern regions in Somaliland where inter clan fighting skirmishes broke out on several times.

They called on the Army General to resign after having failed to discharge his national duties.

The elders who are next kin of the defected army Colonel has appealed to the president that the Army General must retract and apologize for his comments.

The Army Chief made the comments today in a press conference that Colonel Aare is a traitor and that that his case at the military court.

The stalled talks between the sides are expected to complicate the tense situation in restive Sanaag province which has seen clashes between SL army and the soldiers loyal to Colonel Aare.

The defected Colonel leads an insurgency dubbed Justice and Equality which used to base in Qardho of Puntland but recently relocated and established bases in the mountainous areas in Erigavo.



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