How mentally sick people are treated in Somaliland


Here is how mentally ill people are treated in Somaliland.

This man lost one of his legs due to the chain that ties him to the tree. The lady in the blue dress is his sister in-law who helps him.
The brothers family have 8 children and are very poor.
He has been like this for the last 20 years. The place is in South of Burao, but there are similar situations in all parts of Somaliland including the mental ward in Hargeisa  General Hospital.

I remember in 2003 when I used to work in Hargeisa. A relative of the family who owned my rented house  used to be locked in a room next to our residence with no bedding  other than the cement floor in the room. He was kept locked in the room all night. The man used to shout loudly banging the door  frequently  at night times. In the day times, I  could see him sitting and chewing Khat under the shade of the building.
I used to help him by greeting him when ever I saw him to enhance his self esteem and offered few Khat Majins on several occasions.
Stories like this exist in all parts of Somaliland and needs to be addresses by the Somaliland government with the help of the international community.
Sadly, the reporter of this YouTube  is currently in prison for other reports similar to this.

Photos from Coldoon YouTube



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