Somaliland: coronavirus approach, Why not imitated Taiwan?



Taiwan is locating in East Asia. The neighboring countries are China to the North-West, Japan in the North-East and the Philippines to the South. Historically, Taiwan was colonized by Japan. After bombarded, the Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the East Asia demarcation changed. Japan surrendered and China took control of Taiwan on behalf of Second World War alliances. In 1949, China withdrawal from Taiwan due to instability in China’s mainland over the power struggle that overshadowed Taiwan as well as China. Finally, Chinese authority decided to retreat in purpose of regrouping and reorganizing, but unfortunately China could not be made to take over Taiwan. Taiwan has maintained a democracy process. It is the 31st country in the world rank. Taiwan has fulfilled all democratic categories that includes the electoral process and pluralism, as well as a functioning government, civil liberates, political participation and political culture.

Taiwan and Somaliland both have not been internationally recognized. However, after the outbreak of the coronavirus, these two nations took different approaches to constrain the deadly disease. Taiwan immediately built up a robust system to control the coronavirus and at the same time extends its hand to the international community, particularly the United States government. Taiwan is a small island and China claims its ownership of it. Taiwan is a very close country to China in terms of economy as well as its people movement. As we are aware, China and Taiwan are a neighbouring country. China was the first place that had the outburst of the pandemic disease, but Taiwan has perfectly managed the erupting disease and the number of coronavirus cases. So far, there are four hundred and twenty-six (426) and only six (6) dead, while China cases reached approximately eighty-two thousand and more (82,000). Taiwan sent help to some countries in order to block the coronavirus. Taiwan got praise from the United States, Italy, and Germany once they have received that help. Millions of masks and other health equipments were distributed to different countries. Taiwan gets full recognition from international communities after the help they offered to the many countries that the coronavirus struck very hard. The WHO has also not recognized Somaliland just like they have not recognized Taiwan. Due to the fact that they have not be recognized, they are not aiding them, so they are not being dealt with. This is unfair because both these countries are independent nations that have their own currency, population and passport.

Whereas the Somaliland government asks its ordinary citizens for pledges of money in order to curb coronavirus. Somaliland is one of the poorest nations in the world, the GPD estimated little more than $646 per capital by UN agencies. It is very hard to overcome and restraint this horrible disease unless you are well-equipped. However, no matter how poor the nation is, it really matters how prepared it is, how organized, and allocated the little resources you have are. To deal with a hardship like this horrendous disease, it needs resilience, strength and well planning. Unfortunately, in the first place, the current administration failed to be conquered.

Even now it is not too late to commence. Even thought funding is an important part, but it is not the only factor that should be focused on: Firstly, prevention is the first step to engage in with this disease, the disease should be kept away from Somaliland. Stop the disease from coming into Somaliland territory. The Kat must stop; the Ethiopian Airlines must stop, as well as the sea and land movements which needs to have been stopped for at least fourteen days (14). Second, detections and reporting would be the second factor that the country needs to tackle when it comes to this horrible disease. Early detection is the best solution to curb this, to identify the disease is essential, after identification, it needs to be tested, traced and isolated. Third, rapid response is one of the fastest mitigations of the diseases, it will be thwarting to spread and become epidemic. In the case that there are new coronavirus cases, it is a necessary that the person can have an adequate emergency response operation. Fourth, the government requires to implement compliance with international norms. It would be a commitment to enhance national capacity, and hold on to global norms, the cross-border on public health emergency response is crucial.

The public health well-being is one of the biggest responsibilities of the government, especially, when this kind of disease progresses. To exercise the fiscal policy is inevitable, there needs to be less taxes which is the best thing for the government to implement. To enhance the public health and vigorous infection, the government is obligated to ask for a loan to its private business owners.

By Osman Awad


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