Somaliland: Colonel Aare urges parliament to depose president Bihi



Renegade Colonel Aare who has defected from Somaliland defense forces has called on the house of representatives and the house of elders to depose the incumbent Somaliland president Musa Bihi Abdi and the home affairs minister, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed.

The Colonel said that both have blood on their hands and further urged int’l agencies concerned on justice should bring them to trail. Mr. Aare made the above remarks in a press conference that held in Qardho, Puntland where he was given an army base. He strongly repudiated a recent statement from Sanaag regional governor who said that Aare’s rebel soldiers have laid their arms and returned to Somaliland. Mr. Timbaro yesterday said while in Hargeisa that Mr. Aare will leave for overseas after his rebels abandoned their belief.


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