Somaliland: Certain Villages in the capital refuse to pay council taxes



Relations between Hargeisa Local Council and residents in two major villages in the capital strained. The residents in Ahmed Dhagah and 32 May villages that locate in the south of the capital refused to pay council taxes in order to bring the smooth running of municipality to stand still.

The move was followed by Mohamud Haybe and Mohamed Moge villages which also lie in the south of Hargeisa also rejected to pay the taxes. They blame the local council for lack of services in their villages. The villages are said to have crossed the red line as they did all they could to undermine the stability and peace in the country. Mohamud Haybe and Mohamed Moge villages  have crossed the red line as they appoint illegitimate mayor which is interpreted as means to put the city in a state of gridlock.

Somaliland security forces arrested the mayor elected by the aforementioned villages and the elder who was the ringleader of the ceremony. The police launched man hunt operations which paved the way for the detention of Mr. Hasan Ibrahim Hussein, the elder who was behind the organizing of the event. The police also nabbed the illegitimate mayor by the name of Husein Shabel who is under police custody. Scores of people detained who had links with the event.




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