Somaliland A conference for Health Services Quality Improvement



Somaliland Ministry of Health Development with the support of the UN Migration Agency IOM organized a meeting attended about 30 health professionals to discuss the benefits of quality improvement of heath care. Furthermore he meeting will also focus on FINNSOM project updates and provide them with a platform to facilitate administrative discussions between IOM MIDA FINNSOM IV project and the beneficiary hospitals attending the event

The main intended objectives to achieve during the one day meeting included:

(a) To lay the foundations for a coordinated approach to the development and implementation for a national hospital strategy for Somaliland, (b) To discuss ongoing projects targeting mother and child supported by other UN and INGOs and explore synergies and areas of cooperation, and (c) Discussions on common challenges they face in improving the overall health care and identify ways to collaborate in overcoming them.

Key participants in this meeting included, the minister of the Ministry of health development of Somaliland, Prof. Omer Ali Bade, together with his Director General Dr. Mohamed Abdi ( Hergeye), all DGs of regional hospitals, representatives from the Commission of National Health Professionals and official from IOM.

Mr. Saeed Guleid of IOM stated the importance of improving the quality of services of hospitals, the participants will continue discussing and sharing the progress and challenges they face, they will also share learnings. Mr. Saeed added that this project (FINNSOM) operates in all the six regions of Somaliland and he cited to the extent IOM is happy that all regional Hospitals Directors are participating in this meeting.  Mr. Hergeye, the DG of the MoHD, mentioned also the importance that National Hospitals should ensure they serve as per the international standards, provide quality of services as that warrant the intended citizens received the quality of health services they deserve.  Furthermore Drs Edna Adan Ismail, one of the expertise and Role Models in Health Development Sector, declared the need for a plan to care the most health needy people, especially in the rural areas where there is no access to health services or facilities.

Finally, the minister of health Development Prof. Omer Ali Bade has officially opened and launched the meeting. The minister emphasized that the ministry is committed to ensure the quality aspect of the services they avail to the public. He added that the government of Somaliland vision is to focus that a quality services are available for-All. He commended the relationship of IOM to the Ministry, hospitals in Somaliland and its role and support to this worthwhile conference.


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