Somalia’Opposition leaders call for poll postponement amid fraud allegations


Somalia’s opposition called for postponement to the ongoing elections following days of talks between its leaders, after fraud and manipulation allegations emerge during votes for parliamentary seats held by some of the country’s regional states. The Council of Presidential Candidates, which brings together opposition parties urged the government and state regional leaders to halt the ongoing polls until rectification steps are taken against fraud and manipulation practices that have triggered the dispute. The opposition said in a statement that procedures for parliamentary elections, in particular those pertinent to the selection of elders, delegates and candidates participating in the vote should be revised. It also demanded from states to give candidates equal room for contest and stop blocking some of their candidates from running and reserving male seats for women in an attempt to prevent their foes from participating in the race. It is not yet clear if the regional leaders, who have won significant powers in the management of elections with the new procedures will pay heed to the calls from the opposition leaders. Prime Minister Mohamed Husein Roble is reported to convene a meeting with regional leaders to discuss the tension over ongoing election process. The opposition urged a re-run of all disputed parliamentary elections held by Southwest and Galmudug states and some held for seats allocated for Somaliland which has nothing to do with the ongoing election process. The opposition council leaders have failed to agree the formation of transitional council. It is said that Villa Somalia has influenced some of the politicians of the opposition groups. Villa Somalia said it will award to lead a fiasco of CPC’s efforts to establish a sovereign body that will oversee a parallel election.


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