Somalian President Names National Committee on Somalia-Somaliland reconciliation



The president in Villa Somalia, Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo has named the national committee with the special task of reconciliation between Somaliland and Somalia.

  1. Mr. Abdilahi Sheikh Ismail-chairman
  2. Mr. Abdirahman Abdi Husein aka Guulwade-dputy chair
  3. Dr. Abdirahman Ma’alin Abdilahi Baadiyow
  4. Dr. Ali Said Fiqi
  5. Mr. Ahmed Jama Muse
  6. Mr. Ali Ahmed Jama aka Jangeli.     

According to the press statement from Villa Somalia, it is said that the committee will embark on the reconciliation and the restarting of the stalled talks between Somalia and Somaliland.

The talks between Somalia and Somaliland stopped after new administrations assumed offices of the presidencies of Somaliland and Somalia. The bone of contention is that Somaliland declared its independence unilaterally in 1991 but has not been recognized as an independent state. Somalia claims that the region is part of its territory. 


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