Somalia: Mogadishu police boss fired after telling MP’s to stay home


Somalia’s Police Commissioner has sacked Banadir regional police chief, Sadak Omar Mohmed alias Sadaq after he ordered parliament to stop proceedings because of its term had ended.

A statement sourced from Somalia’s News Agency (SONNA), stated that Banadir boss has been dismissed with immediate effect.

“The Somali Police Force Commander, Gen. Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijar, has fired the Benadir Regional Police Commander, Sadiq Omar Hassan (Sadaq John),” the statement read.

Colonel Farhan Mohamed Aden (Farhan Qaroole) has been promoted to the rank of Colonel of Banadir Regional Police.”

Sadak said in a media conference some minutes after 11 am local time that he will not allow parliament to conduct its business again arguing their term had expired and that there was no agreement on way forward.

He added that he will now allow instability in the city. Sadak John, a hitherto trusted ally of outgoing president Mohamed Farmaajo was recently handed responsibility for the Aden Adde Airport in a controversial move harshly condemned by the opposition.


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