Somali PM, Khaire Bids A terse Farewell to outgoing UN Special envoy to Somalia, Keating


MOGADISHU–The Somali PM, Hon. Hassan Ali Khaire met with outgoing UN Envoy to Somalia, Michel keating on Sunday. Mr. Michael Keating has been serving as UN top envoy to Somalia from 2016 to 2018.

The Somali Premiere, Hon. Khaire has expressed his gratitude of joint work and for his contribution to the reconstruction of Somali during his tenure as UN special diplomat to Somalia. Mr. Khaire has presented the outgoing envoy presents indicating the Somali culture. Mr. Keating has commended the PM for his good leadership and the positive strides that he took in the right direction. The current UN secretary, Hon. Antonio Guterres has decided to change Keating as UN Special envoy to Somalia.




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