Happy New Year Ethiopia: Ambassadors


Addis Ababa September 09/2018 Ethiopia celebrates its New Year on September 11 and on the 12th every leap year, which signals the end of the long rainy season.

As the New Year is approaching, resident ambassadors of different countries in Addis Ababa have extended their New Year wishes, expressing hope for better future.

Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Fatih Ulusoy said “I wish all the success to Ethiopian government and the people in promoting peace, stability and prosperity in Ethiopia and, also for the region.”

Unity is “very important” he said “They [Ethiopians] might be come from different background, but they are sharing the same country, they are under the same flag and they are all Ethiopians. So, the unity among the people makes the country more strong.”

In the coming year, the Ambassador hopes to see a more developed and stable Ethiopia.  “We want to see Ethiopia stronger, more stable, more peaceful and more developed as well as more prosperous.”

Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Anurag Srivastava said the upcoming New Year is special for Ethiopians, because of the sweeping reforms. “It is new Ethiopia in many ways, new chapter and peace and reconciliation is being open up,” Ambassador stated.

“It will be marked with a peaceful transition of power and landmark process of political and economical reforms which generates a lot of hope and optimism in the country and in the region”, he said.

South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia James P. Morgan expressed his best wishes hoping for more peace and stability in the region.

“I wish the people and government of Ethiopia the best of our wishes. We also wish the people of Ethiopia and people of south Sudan peace and prosperity in our region, as a whole the region of IGAD, the region of horn of Africa.”

“I wish all the leaders, especially for Prime Minister Abiy Ahemd who has brought us good hope and prosperity and peacemaking and peace building and peace to exist in our region of IGAD and Horn of Africa”, he said praising the Prime Minister.

“As the people of South Sudan is the closest neighbor to Ethiopia, we are all ready to celebrate the New Year in the coming next week”, he added.

Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Torbjorn Petersson expressed his New Year wishes promising to continue cooperation with Ethiopia in multifaceted areas.

“I wish everyone ‘Melkam Addis Amet’ and I wish for the Ethiopian people good new year. I think the development in the country is very promising, we have good rains, and we have new reform policy, a lot of expression of freedom of media and democratic governance which we take a good”, he said.

In his New Year wishes, Deputy Ambassador of Australia to Ethiopia, Sid Chakrabrti said there is a lot to expect from the upcoming year.

“For both the government and people of Ethiopian, I wish you all happy New Year. It has been a time of great change and I think there is a lot to look forward in the next year in Ethiopia. I will be here for the next three years and I look forward to participate in this change with you.”

Deputy Ambassador of Finish to Ethiopia Jukka Pajarinen “I wish a very happy New Year to the whole people of Ethiopia, all Ethiopians both within the country and outside the country and also of course to the government of Ethiopia my best wishes for the New Year.”

The Ambassador said Finland is ready to expand cooperation in the upcoming New Year. “We stand ready to broaden the scope of cooperation into more business kind of relationship which we know that also the government of Ethiopia, the companies in Ethiopia want.”

Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia LIM Hoon-min extended his best wishes. “I want to express my best wishes to all Ethiopian people. I wish for the people and government of Ethiopia that the coming New Year will brought prosperity.”

Saying that his country has ‘greatly admired’ the efforts being exerted to ensure development, Ambassador Lim promised to contribute to the development of the Horn African nation.




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