SL: President Bihi Attends Abaarso Tech Students Virtual Graduation Ceremony



The President of the republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi last night participated a virtual graduation ceremony whereby 13 students have graduated from prestigious universities in the US.

The students haling from Somaliland have passed with flying colors during Abaarso Tech School high examinations and have secured scholarships berths in overseas.

Harvard and Yale universities are among the prestigious universities in the USA where the students have graduated.

The president’s participation in the event coincided as the largest group of Somaliland students have completed their tertiary education at once.

150 students have completed their secondary education at Abaarso Tech School since its inception in 2009.

The students have won scholarships worth of 30 million US dollars including semester fees, accommodation, transport and tickets.

275 students are currently enrolled at high and intermediate levels at Abaarso Tech school.

The school management have launched Barwako university in 2017. The construction of brand new campus is underway which is said to be spent 2.2 million US dollars worth of money.

List of the graduates:-

  1. Abdikarim Yasin Hussein – Swarthmore College
  2. Abdirahim Ahmed Mohamed – Brown University
  3. Abdirahman Ahmed Yusuf – Grinnell College
  4. Abokor Abdi Ismael –TCU
  5. Maria   Oman Ahmed – Lafayette College
  6. Sahra Aw Ciise Jamaac – Brandeis University
  7. Youssouf Mohammed Nour – Westminster College
  8. Samira Abdilahi Ahmed – Wheaton College
  9. Jamal Aw Yoonis – Berea College
  10. Nadira Yousuf Abdilahi – Yale University
  11. Abdisamad Aden – Harvard University
  12. Hamze Mahdi Hassan – Harvard University
  13. Warsan Yusuf – Luther College


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