Seminars to Accelerate the Work of the Ministry



The Deputy Minister of Finance Development of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Muse Ibrahim Yusuf (Selef) had discussions with the heads of sections of the Department of Inland Revenue to accelerate the revenue generation efforts of the Department as the first quarter of the year (January-March) is almost coming to an end. As revenue collection and the development of national budget are the two core functions of the Ministry, encouraging revenue collection officials and expediting related activities are always priority.
In the meantime, the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan convened tax collection guards. Improving the knowledge, operational capacity, and interpersonal skills of the revenue collections officials and guards will boost the tax collection efforts of the Ministry.
In this year, the Ministry will focus on caring taxpayers’ who are instrumental for the revenue generation aims. To achieve this, the Ministry will train revenue collection officials and guards to ensure that they are taxpayer friendly.


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