Qatari plane with medical supplies arrives in Somaliland



A Qatari plane loaded with medical supplies has landed at Egal airport on Saturday. The Qatari Air Force plane carrying the first humanitarian aid including masks, gloves, and protective kits for healthcare workers, is part of efforts to help fight the growing spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Somaliland does not have cordial diplomatic ties with the Gulf state of Qatar but Doha this tine around has provided much needed medical equipment to Somaliland as a gesture of goodwill. Somaliland which has seen the spike of Covid-19 cases does not have a robust healthcare system and is struggling to enforce preventive measures to keep the deadly disease at bay. The incumbent SL president Musa Bihi Abdi blasted Qatari leadership on a visit to the UAE. Qatar sent medical assistance to Somalia once the war-torn country has reported the first cases of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.


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