Profile on Somaliland’s delegation at Somaliland and Somalia talks



  1. President Musa Bihi Abdi

Musa Bihi Abdi was an active member of Somali National Movement (SNM) which later after years of guerrilla struggle led to the toppling of Somalia’s Central Government led by the former deceased dictator Said Bare in 1991.

In 2017, he was democratically elected as the fifth president of the republic of Somaliland.

His speeches often reflect the long history of Somaliland’s struggle to recapturing its independence.

2. Sulieman Mohamud Adan

A former chairperson of ASAD political association. He is the incumbent speaker of Somaliland’s Upper house of parliament. People will remember him to his strong objections on the proposed visit of Somalia’s president to the capital Hargeisa.

Somaliland’s statehood is his sole agenda.

3. Yasin Faraton

He hails from the eastern parts of Somaliland. He is the former education minister and is currently in charge of the foreign ministry. He has strong ambitions about Somaliland’s cause.

4. Sa’ad Ali Shire

He was part and parcel of the previous talks between Somaliland and Somalia as he was serving as the foreign minister. He is committed to make Somaliland’s case heard by the int’l community. He is currently serving as the finance minister.

5. Said Sulub Mohamed

He was a cabinet minister during Riyale’s administration. He is the former member of Wadani party. He is a die hard separatist. He is serving as livestock minister.

6. Mohamud Hasan Sajin

He is unpopular politician. He is currently responsible for trade, tourism and industry ministry. It is clear on his stance and the role that he is about to play during the consultative meeting between Somaliland and Somalia.

7. Mohamed Bihi Yonis

A former SL Foreign minister during Silanyo’s administration. He is a man who is well informed and has the experience on the negotiation skills as he played a lion’s share in the previous talks.

His experience of international relations will boost president Bihi’s delegation.

8. Edna Adan

She is a die hard support of Somaliland as a separatist.

She is the former first lady to the late Somali PM and the second president of Somaliland, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal.

She served as the FM during Riyale’s administration. She is the special envoy of Somaliland to the talks.

She is the daughter of a prominent Somali medical doctor. Adan Aden Ismail was the only female cabinet minister in SL government until she was replaced as FM by the former minister of information, Abdilahi Mohamed Du’ale.

She is a great supporter to Somaliland’s thriving democracy.




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