President Bihi : “Finding New Friends and Strategic Partners is the Way Forward!”



President Muse Bihi’s government is steadfastly determined to remain actively involved in all major diplomatic, political and economic developments. This governmentbelieves fully in exploring of all options and remain actively involved in all major diplomatic fronts. In short, President Muse Bihi’s government is fully geared up to find new friends and strategic partners around the world.”

Written by: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr),            Date:  08.07.2019

In a rapidly changing geo-political dynamics as well as security, political and economic challenges in the African Continent and elsewhere, the government of President Muse Bihi Abdi (MBA) has clearly understood that the Republic of Somaliland CAN’T ABSOLUTELY AFFORD FINDING ITSELF IN AN ANONYMOUS AND IRRELEVANT DIPLOMATIC STANCE towards major political, security, economic and diplomatic developments currently taking place in our surroundings and beyond.

Since taking office, President MBA has carried out a thorough and vigorous review of the existing Somaliland’s Foreign Policy Strategy. The President’s main objectives in this approach is to focus onto details of how the guiding principles of Somaliland’s foreign policy for the past two decades had effectively responded to our country’s pressing priorities, looked at a regional and international political, economic, diplomatically and strategic context.

The current government of Somaliland, under the leadership of H.E. President Muse Bihi Abdi (MBA), adoptsa forward-thinking foreign policy that never assumes a wait and see stance. It appliesa policy that certainly never takes for granted that the world comes to Somaliland and will ask its problems and needs. The government of President Muse Bihi pursuesa PROACTIVE AND GLOBALLY-ORIENTED foreign policy that deals with CHALLENGING ISSUES OF TODAY AS WELL AS FOR TOMORROW.

Despite the huge diplomatic and security challenges lied ahead, ever since he came into the highest office in our country, President Muse Bihi’s government is steadfastly determined to remain actively involved in all major diplomatic, economic and development fronts. It is noteworthy the President’s performance and the way in which he presented and put forward Somaliland’s case, in both style and substance. In a short period (only 18 months), President Muse Bihi’s government has lifted Somaliland’s case in a new admirable level.

H.E. President Muse Bihi Abdi is committed to fulfil his constitutional responsibilities as well as electoral promises towards Somaliland citizens. In addition, President MBA has developed a strong and positive relationship with the public and mainstream society; offering everybody a shared nationhood, a sense of belonging and equal social justice, regardless of their political colour or affiliation. Further, President MBA is someone who eagerly listens to the views, advices, suggestions and ideas raised from various angles of the ordinary citizens which contributes to policy solutions that benefit our country and people.

Defending our INDEPENDENCE & promoting our UNITY:

In light with the naked and ever-increasing interference of the failed federal government of Somalia and their cohorts targeting Somaliland’s internal and external affairs, Somaliland people have to defend their independence and sovereigntyamidst a climate of unpredictable geo-political shift. Our country is surrounded by geographically hostile and hate-breeding environment. Therefore, we have to defend our country’sindependence and existencewithworddeed and strength.

We have to promote our UNITY, which is an essential ingredient that cements our citizen’s togetherness and sense of nationhood. We also need to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring our citizens together. Each andevery one of us needs to stress and promote our nationhood, unity, tolerance and social cohesion among Somaliland people.

The Way Forward:

President Muse Bihi’s government is fully determined to re-think about ways of practical alternatives to respond and take a proactive stance in this ever shifting geo-political dynamics. To achieve its goals which best meets the needs and challenges facing the people of Somaliland today, the current government believes fully in exploring of all options on socio-economic and diplomatic advancement. In short, President Muse Bihi’s government is fully geared up to find new friends and strategic partners around the world.

ALLAH bless and protect the people and country of Somaliland,

Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr),


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