poor families in Faraweyne to receive free medical services


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa:- The Arab Doctors Association has provided free treatment and examinations to the community living in Fara-Weyne district of Marodijeh region.

Sheikh Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi who spoke on behalf of the Egyptian medical NGO noted that it would not be the only time that free medical services would be dispensed in the area.

The head of Faraweyne district administration said that on two Fridays of every month, they will be providing free medical services in Faraweyne district and its underlying areas.

He said, “Today we are in Faraweyne district as the organization is conducting a free medical operation, that is the Arab Doctors Association of Egypt, and it will not be the first time that we have provided free medical services to the people of Faraweyne. We will come to the community of this district and the areas under it at different times”.

The governor of Faraweyne district, Abdirahman Adan, thanked them for providing medical services to the community of Faraweyne district.

He said. “The work that you have done for us today, which was needed by the community of Faraweyne, which benefited a community of two hundred people, we thank God for your good gestures, and we are grateful to the doctors, not for the first time, but again for the third time and for the fourth time.”

“They told us that they will come to us every month if God says, and they will come to us on two Fridays every month, and they will deliver this medical service to the villages under Faraweyne district to give you medicines”, he told the present audience.


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