NISA Detains Singer having Links with Al Shabab



MOGADISHU–Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has announced that its forces has detained a singer for having links with Al shabab militants barely three weeks after a college instructor was convicted for killings.

In its twitter account, NISA said Abshir Garane Ahmed was arrested after security forces got intelligent report indicating the singer was an Al Shabab leader.

According to another video clip posted on twitter, the artist admitted that he was a member of the militant group.

He disclosed in the clip that he was working with AL Shabab on intelligence and finances.

Abshir was part of band financed by Mogadishu local government.

Meanwhile, Al Shabab had denied NISA’s report that singer Abshir Garane Ahmed an Al shabab operative.

The group says Ahmed has no links with the terrorist organization.


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