New Silk Energy Firm is hiring 300 students from Somaliland



The New Silk Energy Somaliland, a Singaporean oil refinery firm is hiring 300 staffers who will be recruited to work for the oil refinery in the port city of Berbera.

Students enrolled at the national service program in Somaliland were entitled to register for the entrance exam which took place at Hargeisa varsity hall on Tuesday.

The New Silk Energy Somaliland (SNSES) officials have set the exam.

The director in charge of the national service has said that the students must have their identification and that they have already got registered for the entrance exams.

Mr. Mohamed Husein Osman, the director told that the exam would be fair and just.

The first 300 students who come first on the basis of their scores will be hired.

More than 980 students have participated the entrance test.

The students have sat for written exams and later attended one-on-one interview.

Some of the students have cried foul over the process by saying that students who were not in the program were participating the application process.

They said that they were arranged to sit for the tests in one of the Hotels in Hargeisa.

Students have argued that the director of the program told them that there will be 400 jobs up for grabs. They said that there are 300 vacant positions that the students will be competing.

The students enrolled at the national service program claimed that they have seen others who were not in the program and had identifications issued by the office of the national service.

The students went on to say that after they protested against them that they were arranged to have the exams at Grand Hadi hotel.

There were four reporters who have been detained by security forces after they tried to report on the students who were sitting the exams at Hotel in Hargeisa.

The students who have expressed their complaints called on the president to urgently intervene on the matter.

Courtesy of HOL


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