Modern tower to monitor maritime security under construction


A modern comprehensive coastal marine tower is in the process being constructed at the Berbera coast-guards communications centre, courtesy of EUCAP sponsorship.

The monitoring watch tower whose radar scope would vividly sweep a radius of 100 nautical miles, thus 185.2 km would make the security arms operators sigh with relief given that it would greatly ease their work especially with the modern communications facilities that would be installed.

The Coast Guards, Admiral Ahmed Hurre Hariye inspected the construction of the Somaliland Coast Guard’s communication center and said that the construction will be completed by the ninth month of this year.

He explained that the building is a tower and a large communication center, being built in a modern way, and would greatly aid in the monitoring the traffic flow long the shores and in the deep sea.

The construction and implementation of this project will greatly contribute to the development of Somaliland’s maritime security.


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