Establish environmental and climate change curriculum from primary schools, Minister Shukri Bandare urges


Somaliland Minister of Environment Hon. Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare, has called on the ministry of education to include the environmental subjects in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

Issues of habitat and the perpetual climate change that is now more evident than ever needs to be co-opted in school studies from the primary level such that understanding the importance of protecting and caring for the environment may be instilled for the students and future generations.

“Since climate change is something that is on-going and will not go away, and we need to adapt and endure the suffering and negative effects caused by climate change”, she said, and continued, “I urge the Somaliland Minister of Education effect a curriculum that would start teaching the subject on environmental issues such as climate change from the bottom up”.

The minister said this in a speech she made at an event celebrating the World Environment Day which was held over the week at Amoud University in Borama.

This year’s commemoration of the World Environment Day has been made a slogan to “restore the degraded land”, and to adapt to the drought

The event is usually commemorated every 5th of June world-wide. It was first observed in 1973.

In Somaliland the main event of the World Environment Day led by the minister was marked at Amoud University where 100 trees were planted in the university compound.

The university has implemented a plant planting campaign in Borama’s schools to encourage the area communities.

The minister said that Amoud University has been working together for a long time on environmental issues, playing a major role in planting trees and protecting the environment.

She said praising the institution for their efforts, “Amoud University, we have been working together for a long time and in for a long time on many projects to take care of the environment. They deserve credit for keeping the plants safe. The way you planted and took care of the plants is amazing making the whole area green. You should be emulated by others”.


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