Members of the Public Should Cooperate with the Police to Strengthen the Security of Country, Says the Speaker of Parliament



Speaker of the House of Representatives  Hon. Abdirisak Khaliif Ahmed has said that the welfare of the police officers and their families should be prioritized.

He said that the police officers’ children’s plight has to be put into consideration as a matter of urgency. Speaker Abdirisak reiterated that the police officers’ standard of living should be comparable to leaders and traders.

The Head of House of Representatives was speaking during the 29 anniversary of the inception of Somaliland Police force. He stated that the police play a major role in facilitating economic development in the country and without them we would have not accomplished anything tangible.

He sent his congratulatory message to the police force and members of their families.

Hon. Abdirisak added that the Somaliland Police Services was founded in 1993 and has undergone various stages to reach the pinnacle of their services today.

The speaker urged all and sundry to work with the police to maintain the peace and harmony of the country.

He commended the Police Commissioner General Mohamed Adan Saqadi Dabagaley for leading a professional police force.


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