Inter-clan skirmishes leave ten people dead in Dhumay, Somaliland


LASANOD– Ten people are reported to have died in an inter-clan skirmishes that transpired in Dhumay, a rural settlement that is 80 km west of Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital. Contacts with local people in the district have confirmed the existence of inter clan fighting and it is noteworthy that the skirmishes were recurrence in the last couple of years after the two clans have been reconciled.

The outbreak of the confrontation came yesterday after a nomad was killed in Dhumay district.  Somaliland government has deployed security forces which are aimed at ending the clashes to further continue between the two clans. On the other hand, a man has shot to death a woman in Eil Afweyn district after they disagreed with pasture and grazing in the rural area. This event was confirmed by Eil Afwein mayor, Hon. Abdirahman Aw Yusuf.



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