House of Elders Speaker Call for an extraordinary session



On Saturday, the Speaker of House of Elders submitted a request to hold an extraordinary session, to be attended by members of the house who are in a recess.

The house speaker, Honorable, Sulieman Mohmud Adan has urged the MP’s to attend the session.

According to a statement released by the secretary general of the house, Abdinasir Adan Begsi stated that the extraordinary session will take place on 1st February, 2021/

The parliamentarians are expected to debate the date fixed for holding local council and parliamentary election slated to transpire on 31 May, 2021.

The MP’s will also debate on whether to agree with the date already fixed for polls by NEC.

National Election Commission (NEC) announced earlier this month that elections in Somaliland set to take place on 31 May, 2021.

The House of elders which made a term extension is not line with the date set by NEC.

On the other hand, the house is likely to issue a directive stating that the upcoming polls will be separately held.

It is likely that the House of Elders will decide that parliament election will take place first.

It is also expected that local council polls will be delayed and its term will be extended.


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