Harun Macruf, a journalist with VOA labelled a threat to Somalia’s security by NISA



Somalia’s Spy Agency (NISA) had made some allegations against the respected Somali Journalist who also authored one of the key books on al-shabab in Somalia.

Harun Macruf, a journalist with VOA, now the author of inside of al-shabab, was labelled a threat to Somalia’s national security by the intelligence agency.

In a statement released on the agency’s twitter, NISA said it will take legal actions against Harun Macruf who they described as being a threat to Somalia’s domestic security.

It further added that Harun Macruf operated outside the acceptable boundaries of journalism and warned gov’t institutions of working with him.

NISA did not clarify and made it public the action it will take against the journalist Harun Macruf for allegedly working with him.

The statement was called into question by many who viewed as blunt attack on the media and the urging  gov’t institutions not to cooperate with the journalist in the country.


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