Government warns of external interference in Lasanod traditional Leaders meeting



Government welcomes the traditional leaders meeting which does not contradict the existence of Somaliland’s independence.

A government delegation that has been in the town of Lasanod for the restoration of the peace and held a press conference Saturday 21st January hence welcomed the meeting of the traditional leaders of the Lasanod community that will start in the town, and warned against any interference.

The press release issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs reads as follows;

The government in consideration to its principles which are based on consultation and dialogue, and in consideration to the previous press release of January 15, which stated that the government of Somaliland is committed to resolving any issues that arise through dialogue in Sool region.

As a result, the government of Somaliland welcomes any traditional meeting to be held by the Sool community, which does not contradict the existence of Somaliland’s independence.

Anyone who belongs to other administrations, other governments, other political organizations, is warned not to interfere in the situation in the Sool region and the traditional meeting of the community in the capital city of Lasanod. End.


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