Foreign Envoys in Mogadishu Urge for more transparency in Somalia’s polls



Int’l partners on Friday called upon on the completion of inclusive and credible House of the People elections agreeable to all electoral stakeholders and the Somali people.

Foreign ambassadors urged on the Federal Gov’t to complete the elections based on the December 24 2021 agreement, a statement issued on Friday stated.

Somalia’s Int’l Partners said: ” We call for full transparency in all related electoral processes, including selection committee appointments, delegates selection, candidate registration, the reservation of seats for women candidates, to comply with the agreed 30 percent quota, and the management of candidate fees. We further call foe on the electoral committees to facilitate observation of all polling station activities.”

” We call for respect for the right of candidates to stand for election under conditions of genuine and fair completion.”

Int’l Partners encouraged “delegates and candidates wishing to submit electoral complaints to do so through the legal mechanisms established for this purpose.”

” Concluding inclusive, transparent and credible House of the People elections in 2021 will allow leaders to focus attention and resources on better serving Somalia’s people” US embassy in Mogadishu tweeted on Friday.

It comes after election manipulation allegations were made after the country kicked off parliamentary polls, with some candidates, including the former speaker of the parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari said they were rejected to run for the House of the People seats.




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