First Health Expo to open in Somaliland- Health Minister



The Health Minister from Somaliland, Mr. Omar Ali Abdilahi,  has announced, on Tuesday, that the country is gearing up  to hold the first health and medical expo of its kind in Somaliland
The medical expo will be organized by the ministry of health in conjunction with Somaliland Medical Forum. The exhibition will be held in Mansor Hotel.
The expo is expected to commence on the 16th of November and will run for five days.
According to the minister, the expo will be concluded on the 20th of November.
It is expected that representatives from health and medical organizations, and companies will be in attendance.
A wide range of issues that will be of great importance to the public will be discussed.
Issues that will be high on the first Somaliland health and medical expo range from maternal and infant program, upgrading private and public hospital services, mental health illnesses which will be the focus of the ministry of health in the years to come.
The participants will address how to have a quality medicines in Somaliland.
They will also discuss ways to improve the quality of health and medical institutions in Somaliland.
Finally, the code of conduct of health and medical practitioners will be under review during the 5 day expo.


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