Ethiopia Cancels 27 Political Parties’ Licenses


National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) cancels licenses of 27 political parties, which failed to complete re-registration process in the time frame set by the Board.

The political parties have not fulfilled the requirement that enables the board to re-register them as per the new electoral law of the country.
NEBE stated that last March it has written official letter to 106 existing political parties to renew their registration by fulfilling the requirements set by the new electoral law of the country.

Out of the 106 political parties, 76 have submitted the necessary documents needed to be fulfilled to get registration license. Meanwhile, out of the 106 political parties, the license of 13 political parties are cancelled as their request for extension of document submission is not accepted by the board.

The license of other 14 political parties is also cancelled because they haven’t submitted the required documents for re registration and few among them have also merged with other political parties dissolving their previous political parties. Currently NEBE is verifying and checking if the 76 political parties have submitted all the required documents, according to the statement of the Board.

For the past few months over 100 political parties most of them ethnic based were in the process of re-registering their political parties and establishing new ones to participate in the upcoming general election of the country to take part in the general election of Ethiopia, which was supposed to take place at the end of August. Meanwhile following the outbreak of CPOVID-19, the global pandemic, the country has suspended the election.

Currently the constitutional inquiry is looking into the way forward mainly the fate of the country after the current ruling party mandate expires in the first week of October 2020. About a month ago Ethiopian government has declared a state of emergency, which last for five months, with the aim of combating COVID-19.

Full list of parties whose licenses have been revoked:

1. Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement

2. Geda System Advancement Party

3. Yem Nation Democratic Movement

4. Denta Dubamo Kechinchila People Democratic Organization

5. Ethiopian National Unity Congress

6. Tigre Worji Nationality Democratic Organization

7. All Amhara People’s Organization

8. Ethiopian Unity Democratic Organization

9. All Amhara People’s party

10. Ethiopians National Movement

11. Southern Ethiopia Democratic Congress

12. Sheko and Regional People Democratic Organization

13. Freedom and Peace for Ethiopia Unity Party

14. Ethiopian Visionary Party

15. All Ethiopian Democratic Party

16. Kambata People’s Congress

17. Hadiya Nation Democratic Organization

18. Omo People’s Democratic Union

19. Dil Webi People’s Democratic Movement

20. Bench people’s Democratic Organization

21. Silte People’s Democratic Party

22. Afar People’s Liberation Party

23. Somali Unity Party

24. Freedom for Unity and for Justice Party

25. South-West Ethiopia People Union

26. National Renaissance for Peace and Development

27. Gambella Regional Movement


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