Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a forces Held a Military Parade in Guriel



Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a fighters held a military parade on Saturday in Guriel town which its forces took control a few weeks ago. The military rehearsal was in response to media speculations that the group had withdrawn from the town due to fears of an imminent attack in Guriel from Galmudug regional forces in collaboration with Federal government troops. Ahlu Sunna officials confirmed that they have no panic of an assault in the town of Guriel and said that they are ready to defend the town by all costs. Ahlu Sunna official said: ” We are telling that Guriel is safe. It is where we commenced the fight against Al Shabab. It is also the place we held the commemoration of the martyrs of Ahlu Sunna. It is also where we want to re-launch the flush out operations against AL Shabab.” However, about 500 families have been displaced from Guriel in recent weeks due to the fighting. Many have relocated to the outskirts of the town, about 5km from Guriel center. One resident said that ASWJ’s latest show of military strength led to another influx of displacement, primarily among women and children. The same source noted that some residents have begun constructing defensive trenches around their homes. The families are fearful of the federal government and Galmudug’s incursions into Guriel as troops approach the town of Guriel. At the same time, Ahlu Sunna prepares to defend itself against the impending attack.


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