Advisory Support to Somaliland in the ongoing Trade and Transit Negotiations with Ethiopia



The TAF2+ advisory support to Somaliland’s ongoing trade and transit negotiations with Ethiopia aimed at enhancing the technical, analytical and negotiating competencies of key government agencies and negotiators to negotiate and conclude a transit and trade agreement with Ethiopia.

The advisory support started in early 2018 following the investment in modernising the infrastructure and operation of the Port of Berbera and is currently in the process of being completed.

Implemented by WTI Advisors, the Project conducted a series of tailor-made consultative workshops on matters related to trade, transit and transport facilitation. The Team of Experts worked closely with members of the Joint Operational Committee to draft a customs transit agreement, a bilateral road transport agreement in addition to a bilateral trade agreement and provided training and coaching to participants on how to defend their interests in the negotiations with Ethiopia.

The team further prepared a database and collection of core resource materials on international trade and investment with over 300 resources on the legal/regulatory, policy-related and economic aspects of trade, transit and investment.


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