The Tug of War of Somaliland upcoming polls



A high level delegation from Somaliland is currently on official working visit to Nairobi. The delegation is led by the minister of Interior of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed. He is accompanied by the justice and welfare party chair, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe, former finance minister, Mr. Abdiasis Mohamed Samale, and other officials from UCID and KUlmiye. The high level delegation on Tuesday have met with five envoys from the European Union based in Nairobi. The gathering took place at the Danish embassy in Kenya and saw the attendance of EU representatives from the UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. The high powered delegation briefed the envoys on the best possible way that upcoming parliamentary polls can take place in Somaliland. Wadani opposition party yesterday claimed that the two other political parties do not have the right to discuss with donor countries on future of the elections in Somaliland. The acting Wadani chair told yesterday in a press conference that the gov’t, Kulmiye and UCID parties have briefed the foreign donors that Wadani has boycotted the elections. He also accused of the gov that it has misled the UK envoy to Somalia about the polls.



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