The Mining & Mineral Bill Must protect the Environment-Somaliland Lawmakers



The Mines and Minerals bill for debate has been tabled at the Lower House of the parliament, local media reports on Monday. The parliamentarian at the national house of assembly held heated debate over the new bill which the gov of Somaliland has recently submitted to the house. The second deputy parliament speaker, Ahmed Yasin Ali Ayanle was in charge of chairing the parliament session. The MP’s debated on how to formulate a law that would define ways and means of exploiting the mines and mineral bill in the first place. Certain MP’s have sought a clarification on how mining and mineral extraction firms would be pressurized to protect and preserve the environment. The lawmakers have demanded that there should be a definite regulation policy that would direct the mining and mineral exploration  in Somaliland provinces. A legislator by the name of Abdikadir Jirde has stated that mining and mineral resources is an asset belonging to all Somaliland populace no matter which province is being extracted. He added that the gov must have its share from the mining firms and also must be clearly stated the role of that the regional public should have. The Mining and Mineral Bill stipulates that the extracting firms must be in compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining to the law. Other lawmakers have called on summoning to the house the mining and mineral experts so that they will offer their experience in the formulation of new law that will direct the country’s mineral extraction resources. The most important thing heatedly debated by MP’s is that the bill must guarantee the protection of the environment from devastation.




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