Somaliland Trade Delegation in Ankara Walks out of the investment conference




Somaliland trade delegation headed by the chamber of commerce chairperson left for Turkey.
Mr. Jamal Aidid Ibrahim, the chair of SL chamber of commerce said that the mission behind the visit is to attend an investment conference set to open in Ankara.
The investment meeting will see more than 43 African delegations to attend.
He said that  he will consolidate the trade cooperation between Somaliland and Turkey.
He reiterated that  he is accompanied by Somaliland trade delegations from various sectors.
The chair has further revealed that the traders from Somaliland will hold discussions with their Turkish counterparts in the sidelines of the meeting.
Mr. Jamal has reiterated that they will represent Somaliland at the investment conference.

 The Somaliland trade delegation in Ankara, the Turkish capital has walked out of the investment summit and has blamed that the officials from Somalia’s Federal Govt have hijacked.
Mr. Jamal has made the remarks while in Ankara and has further noted that Somaliland received a formal invitation from the Turkey. 


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