Somaliland: President Reshuffles gov officials



President Musa Bihi Abdi on Monday has reshuffled some of the officials in his government. Among the changes, is the dismissal of Mohamed Dahir Ahmed Farah as the deputy education minister. The head of road authority of Somaliland, Osman Abdi Mohamed has also been sacked in the reshuffle. Awdal deputy governor, Abdi Nur Sugal fired. The Executive director of Somaliland AID’s Commission, Mr. Nasir Ayjex Jama also relieved from his all duties. Mr. Mohamed Abib Yusuf as the director in charge of welfare and medications at the AID’s commission was dismissed.

The appointed officials named to replace sacked officials are:-

  1. Mr. Ahmed Hasan Nur aka Ahmed Tajir– Deputy Education Minister
  2. Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed- Head of Somaliland road authority
  3. Mr. Abdishakur Ismail Elmi- Exective director at AID’s commission
  4. Mr. Hamse Sultan Adan Farah– General Director at Civil Service Commission
  5. Mr. Mohamud Ismail Elmi- The director general at civil aviation and airports agency
  6. Mr. Awale Farah Elmi- Awdal deputy governor
  7. Mr. Derie Abdi Jama- Member of tender board
  8. Ms. Sahra Mohamed Husein- Director responsible for medication and welfare at AID’s Commission.


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