Somaliland: president inaugurates a new building for the ministry of agriculture



On Sunday, Somaliland Head of State has today inaugurated brand new two story building constructed for the ministry of agriculture which was funded on the taxes collected from the public.

The ground breaking ceremony which was held at the ministry of agriculture compound, the president spent time and inspected the various offices with the state of the art.

President Musa Bihi Abdi was briefed by the administration on the expectations of the new building for the agriculture ministry.

The president spoke of the national duties and responsibilities of the ministry of agriculture is doing for the community and how it needs to get connected with the community.

He also sent a stern warning to the public to build fences on grassing areas and directed the ministry of agriculture development not to tolerate such acts at all.

The new building which the president has inaugurated consists of 12 offices, a large conference hall, extensively decorated court yards, parking lot plus new rain water tank.


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