Somaliland Parliament Delegation off to Brussels to Push for its Quest of an int’l recognition



A Parliament delegation from Somaliland’s Lower & Upper House of Chambers traveled to Brussels to visit MEPs in the European Union as well as Somaliland allies based in the Belgium capital. The delegation is also due to hold meetings with Somaliland expats living in Belgium. The Delegation, headed up by Ms. Fatumo Said met with EU parliament and MEPs’ from across the political spectrum. The delegation held high level discussions with the EU parliament concerning Somaliland quest of its well deserved international recognition and to forge closer ties between the SL and the EU. Ms. Fatumo, the head of the delegation to Brussels said that the high level gatherings with EU parliament are taking place smoothly. She had stated that the two sides reached a common mutual understanding of the issues so far discussed. She revealed that they reached an agreement with number of issues so far discussed during the preliminary gatherings.


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