Somaliland: Parliament committee refuse to lift immunity from lawmaker




 Hargeisa–The parliament committee in Somaliland have refused a colleague to strip of his parliamentary immunity, setting the stage for him to be tried on charges of offending the state’s national day. The attorney general has submitted a request demanding the Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Dhakol, a lawmaker who is under police custody should be revoked his parliament immunity in order to stand trail for verbally offending Somaliland’s national independence day. Mr. Dhakool is among the country’s legislators who is elected from Sool although he was not democratically elected member of the parliament. It was yesterday when the house speaker, Mr. Bashe also opposed against arrest which he stated that it was against the law. A lawmaker who is also a lawyer by the name of Mohamed Jama, speaking on behalf of the parliament committee said that the committee rejected the request letter from the attorney general demanding the lawmaker’s immunity to be revoked.




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