Somaliland: Opposition parties accuse President Bihi of committing an act of national treason



Somaliland opposition parties have cried foul over the announcement made recently by President Bihi in which he stated that he will open the formation of political organizations during the upcoming local council polls.

They have made the allegations in a press conference held in Hargeisa today.

The two main opposition parties namely UCID and Wadani have scathingly accused President Bihi of having taken the path to dictatorship.

They have alleged that he has violated the country’s constitution and laws.

The two national parties have also said that the incumbent Somaliland President is willing to dismantle the two main political parties.

They have unequivocally said that they cannot accept his behavior as long as it puts the country’s democracy under risk.

The chairman of Wadani party, Abdirahman Irro has said that Bihi has turned out to be a true dictator and at the same time is intending to destroy the two existing opposition parties in Somaliland.

He stated that he is planning to destroy the democracy that the people have taken care of.

Mr. Irro has further added that Bihi has undermined SL statehood, unity of SL which has sank into state of political crisis. He further accused of violating the constitution and laws of the country.

Irro called upon holding presidential snub elections this year as Bihi has failed to lead the country.

Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe, the chair of Justice and Welfare party, UCID, has said that president Bihi has committed an act of national treason.

He added that he will not be Somaliland legitimate president and won’t collect taxes.

He accused of selling Somaliland with his knee jerk decisions.


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