Somaliland: NEC releases Timetable for the Campaigns of the Political Parties



SL National Electoral Commission has released the schedule for this joint election campaign for the House of representatives and the constituencies of the republic of SL.

The Commission in accordance with electoral and registration acts number Lr. 91/2020 on the basis of the National parties consultation, issued the official decree and published for the National parties to act in accordance with parliament elections are scheduled to be held in Somaliland in May 2021 alongside local government elections.

Most recently the votes are scheduled for March and then August 2018 before the national electoral commission declared it could not be held that year.

On 12 July 2020, SL three main political parties reached an agreement to hold parliament and local government elections by the end of the year.

Negotiations with the electoral commission which took for several weeks on the possibility of election and May 2021 was declared to be the agreed time frame.


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