Somaliland: Ministry halts granting licences to new universities



HARGEISA– The government of Somaliland has put a hold on education licenses for opening new universities in Somaliland.

According to a circular issued by the ministry of education dated on the 15th of January, 2019 that it has completely put a hold on opening new colleges in the country in a bid to ensure quality of education in Somaliland.

The circular has clearly stated that there is a growing need which needs to address whereby the quality of education is getting from bad to worse on daily day basis as the universities have turned the offering of education into lucrative business.

The ministry has not only halted opening private university in Somaliland but the restriction is applicable to public varsities.

The ministry’s directive has also halted universities in Somaliland which have been granted the educational licenses cannot open new branches.

The ministry is also embarking on unprecedented probe on existing universities in Somaliland to ensure the quality of education.

Majority of middle class and high class communities in Somaliland send their children to private institutions to gain quality education where the poor have no choice and send their kids to public institutions which are faced with lack of quality teachers.

All in all, Somaliland’s education has turned into lucrative business.


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