Somaliland: Justice ministry held meeting aimed at addressing ways to deal with juveniles



The Justice minister formally opened a meeting held at the justice ministry complex and raised thorny issues concerning juvenile offenders in Somaliland.

According to a pres statement from the ministry stated that international and local NGO’s which support welfare of children attended the gathering. They discussed on young children who offend the law and how they will be treated. The theme of the gathering was Justice for Children Thematic Working Group which was organized by the justice department in charge of juveniles and women.

The following points were issued after the meeting came to an end.

  1. The ministry of justice should provide thorough report on the number of young offenders who are in detention in major prisons and jails in the country and what conditions they are in.
  2. The office of the Attorney General presented the number of juveniles that are in their records.
  3. They exchanged views on the progress made so far on the protection of the rights of young offenders who break the laws and the current constraints and the best way to overcome. Finally, They came to come understand of ways to address the constraints and the services that will be provided to the offenders. They also agreed to use unified format of colllecting data on offenders. The following organizations and agencies attended including UNDP, UNICEF, CCBRS, SONYO, UOH LEGAL CLINIC, MOI, MOH, AG,SHRC, CSOs,HJC COMMUNITIES,


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