Somaliland: Human Rights Centre strongly condemns the detention of two politicians



Press release                                                                                  17-02-2021

17 February 2021- Human Rights Centre calls on the government of Somaliland to immediately release two detained opposition politicians.

On 8 February 2021, the police of Somaliland arrested Raage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamoud Ahmed Jama Dhadoon, two candidates from Ucid opposition party.

Raage Ahmed Yuusuf is a candidate for the Ucid party in the House of Representatives in Hargeisa while Mohamoud Ahmed Yuusuf Dhadoon is a candidate for the Hargeisa city council. Raage is also the Secretary of Finance of Ucid and member of its central committee.  

On 10 February 2021, they were transferred to Mandera Prison, a maximum-security prison. 

They are not charged with a crime. Family members told HRC that they were refused to meet them. 

According to Somaliland constitution article 22 (1) “every citizen shall have the right to participate in the political, economic social and cultural affairs.” 

“They were detained without a court warrant, their constitutional rights being denied, and their family members have no access to visit. This poses serious concern at the time of elections where the exercise of political rights and respect of freedom of expression are pivotal,” says Yasmin Omar Haji Mohamoud, the chairperson of Human Rights Centre 

As article 27 (1) of the constitution states “any person who is deprived of his liberty has a right to meet as soon as possible his legal representatives, relatives or any other person he asks for.”

Human Rights Centre calls on the government of Somaliland to immediately release the two detained politicians.

Yasmin Omar Haji Mohamoud

The Chairperson of Human Rights Centre, Somaliland


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